I hate reviews. I find the entire process so tedious and unnecessary because I can’t very well MAKE people buy a certain product. I can’t deal with that kind of pressure. With that being said, I also love (reading) reviews. I like to know what I’m signing up for without having to actually spend/waste my […]

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Look book: Green Light

Who said thick girls can’t wear prints? Speaking from pure experience, I know that it’s a tricky business. However, I like to live dangerously and decided to put together this bomb look a while ago. Hope you guys enjoy. xx     Outfit Details: Dress – Cherrie Couture Sunglasses – Zando Wedge Heels – Vintage […]

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Reflections on 2017

2017 has been a year of great sadness and trial, but equally, it has been the most rewarding year by far. Yes I’ve lost – I’ve lost what was most important to me and I found myself in an abyss I thought I could never leave, but while I was in that space I learned […]

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